Laser Burned Film Stock

Brian Milbrand, of Buffalo, NY, joined us at the IEA for a one week residency the week of April 7th, 2014. Brian is an multidisciplinary artist whose work incorporates video, film, live performance, audio, and painting, often in combination with each other. He incorporates his interest and past study of science into his work, informing [...]

The Exit is behind us

The IEA welcomed Ari Tabei, who also goes by aricoco, as our artist in residence for the week of March 31st – April 4th. Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, and now living and working in Brooklyn, NY, Ari’s work harkens back to a ritual she had as a child of running away from home [...]

Katie in the field recording 3D video

Katie Torn, of New York, NY, was the IEA’s artist in residence the week of March 17th, 2014. Katie is a digital media artist and professor who creates experimental video works and digital prints that reflect observations on American consumerism, culture, and its impact on the environment and human body. She uses new technologies to [...]

Sign for Global Fold: 43º Latitude show

During December of 2013, the Institute for Electronic Arts participated in and contributed to the international exhibition Global Fold: 43º Latitude at the School of New Media of Jilin College of Art in Changchun, China. More info on the show details can be found by clicking on the title of the show above. A lot [...]


The IEA was recently host to John Hudak of Dobbs Ferry, NY as our artist in residence over the week of February 24th. John has historically worked primarily in sound art, producing pieces that utilize natural and simple sounds, which form the basis of digitally manipulated audio works. He focuses on the rhythms and melodies [...]

Sign for Global Fold: 43º Latitude show

This past December the Institute for Electronic Arts, along with the Division of Expanded Media of the School of Art and Design at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, participated in the multi-media exhibition entitled Global Fold: 43º Latitude at the School of New Media of Jilin College of Art in [...]

Print from a scan of an old, used steel etching plate

Through the week of February 17th, the IEA was host to Steven Randall as an IEA artist in residence. Steven is a recent BFA graduate of the School of Art and Design at Alfred University and has worked as a high-school art teacher, a researcher, and a docent in addition to continuing his art practice. [...]


Through the week of January 15th the IEA was host to Rebekkah Palov as our artist in residence. A graduate of the Electronic Integrated Arts Grad Program at the NYSCC at Alfred University, Rebekkah draws inspiration from different types of economies and the paradox of valuing the exchange of one thing for another. During her [...]

DFA 147 - Phaethon

Recently the IEA hosted Brandon Ballengée for an artist residency, focusing primarily on print work. Brandon, who has been to the IEA once before nearly ten years ago, is not only a visual artist but also a biologist and environmental activist based in Brooklyn, NY. Brandon’s biology and art work overlap: he studies creatures in [...]


Colette Fu has shared with us another book she has finished with some of the materials she produced during her residency last June. It is another amazing pop-up display. Below is the text Colette send to accompany the book along with a photograph. Click on the image and then click on it again in the [...]

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